Dan loves Jessy :)
Resurrected now has webmail.

If you're looking for pictures and other content, I've put it all on resurrected. Click here to check it all out.

Check out the Goldsboro, NC wardriving scene... and the Linux wardriving map HOWTO.

If you ever need to spin down a scsi drive using linux, you might want to check out scsi-idle.

My ever-popular word descramble, which lists words which are made up of a list of characters you supply. It takes scrambeled or mixed-up words and unscrambles them!

Continuing with my spamassassin fun, I modified my learnscripts to actually do something useful. Enter rmmarkup, a script that removes spamassassin mark-up from messages in an mbox folder. If you have messages that were marked as spam but actually aren't, this is for you.

My original learn scripts for spamassassin.

Strike footage, OIF stuff is here.

My motion TODO list is here.

A small program to test the different difference-finding algorithms in motion is here.

A quick graph showing how diffs and boxsizes compare is here.

My Simple Machine Language (SML) interpreter is here.